After our nature tripping in Argao, Sheena and I have decided to continue the long weekend and go further South of Cebu. Next stop, Alcoy, Cebu.

Alcoy is a 5th class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 14,571 people. It is approximately 93 kilometers from the provincial capital Cebu City. It is bounded by the municipalities of Dalaguete to the north, Boljoon to the south, Badian and Alegria to the west, and Cebu Strait to the east.

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Alcoy and Argao is only separated by one municipality, Dalaguete. From were we left off, Argao, we only needed a 30-45 minute bus ride to Alcoy. If your starting point is Cebu City, you will need to board a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal or a V-Hire from the Citilink Terminal. From the Cebu South Bus Terminal or from the Citilink Terminal, you just need to ride a bus or van bound for Bato-Oslob or you can just tell the terminal barkers where you are going and they would guide you on what bus or van to ride.

We have planned a week before going to Argao that we will be finishing off the long weekend in Alcoy. Killing two stones with one bird, or two birds with one stone. The urge to do it grew bigger after the gruelling climb and trek in Argao. Off we went. One of the place in Alcoy that really hyped me up is a beautiful public beach named Tingko.

There are a number of resorts that you can stay in Alcoy, but we opted to stay in Bodo's Bamboo Bar Resort in Alcoy, as it was the only resort which really had ample information in their website. With the boom of the world wide web, resorts must at least give as much information in their website, and Bodo's website did just that.

At first, I thought that Bodo's Resort is located on the shorelines of Alcoy (as other resorts are situated that way), however, upon arriving at the resort, it was situated on the other side of the road. We thought we were on the wrong place. Bodo's Resort is elevated and as you get to the resort , you will have 180 degrees of scenic view of Alcoy's beach. You will not be able to directly soak into the beach and have fun with the sand and under sun, but the location of the resort makes you feel that you own the land (I am exaggerating though).

First impression, the place is neat! They have a restaurant/entertainment hall, pool and jacuzzi and 14 aircon and non-aircon rooms. Also, the resort has WiFi connection (having WiFi is now becoming a must-have on most places due to the need of most to get connected even when on a vacation).

The pool on the resort is quite small. I don’t understand why they had it that way since Bodo’s Resort does have a lot of space left for another pool. I think they are reserving that portion of grass and land for something else rather than having another pool? The Jacuzzi was a good place to relax

Another thing to note; if you love to shoot Sunsets, don’t expect that you will get one when you are in Bodo’s or in Alcoy. Alcoy is situated south of Cebu and is facing East. Instead of waiting for sunset, set your alarm at 530AM and shoot the sunrise. ^_^ Here are some Sunrise shots that I personally took. ^_^

Rooms. We took the Double Deluxe room which has a air conditioning, hot and cold water, mini-bar and a TV. The room that we had was not really cramped up and the bed was comfortable enough. If you want to watch DVDs, you can rent a DVD Player from the reception area. There are small cottages outside the rooms where I think you can stay of you are there for a day-stay. The non-aircon rooms, located near the pool and fronting the sea, have a private terrace with a scenic view of the beach and the sunrise.

Food. The rooms are quite affordable, however, like any other resorts; the food on the menu is quite expensive. If you live on a backpacker's budget, it is best to drive to the nearest public market. The public market is just a 5-minute habal-habal or tricycle ride away from Bodo’s and that is what we did. We rode a tricycle to the market, ate and bought some chichiria and softdrinks to the resort. If you feel that driving to the market is a waste of time, you may try the dishes served in Bodo’s restaurant.

After checking out the resort, we had to check out one of the main reason we came to Alcoy, Tingko Beach. Tingko Beach is roughly 1 kilometer away from Bodo’s Resort. Just ride a habal-habal or a tricycle and tell the driver that you want to go to Tingko and you will be there in no time. Once we arrived in Tingko, we were not disappointed as we saw white sand, shining sun and clear waters. That is more than enough to have fun. There is one thing to note though, you can’t compare Moalboal’s beach and sand with Tingko’s. Tingko does have the white sand and those glittering seawater but I felt like it lacked a “punch”. The sand was not as milky white as Moalboal, the sea was not did not have the saturated blue and green color that Moalboal had. If you love to soak under the sun, play with the sand and the beach, Tingko is a must-go.

Our trip to Alcoy was very well worth it as it was part of a long weekend with a trip to Argao and finishing it off in Alcoy. If you love to stay on a place where the sea is just steps away from you, I suggest that you look another resort aside from Bodo’s, but if you enjoy having a scenic view of the sea and you are comfortable walking or driving to the nearest sea shore, then I would suggest you stay in Bodo’s. ^_^

Here are more pictures of our Alcoy Trip: